Creative, commercial, marketing:
Classic and digital solutions for your online and physical presence on the market!
PR and advertising at a professional level.
Maria Radeva
marketing consultant

What can I offer you?

В2С, В2В – PROJECTS “WHAT SIUTS THE CLIENT BEST”: detailed in accordance with the guarantor’s requirements

My methods

  • The specific project is launched from exploration to placement. According to the trade whether it is wholesale and/or retail;

  • Building advertising campaigns according to your company goals;

  • Preparation of a comprehensive business strategy;

  • Proposal and discussion of marketing plan by activities.

How will your brand establish itself in the oversaturated online space?

  • Content marketing

    Creation of fresh, original and optimized site content.

  • Social Network Marketing

    Building and developing social profiles on social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

  • Email Marketing

    (Mail Chimp campaigns or with similar platforms and email marketing) – according to the set goals and concept:
    - Planning and developing email marketing campaigns;
    - Advertising emails - in order to improve communication and increase the customer base; depending on whether they are customers or new ones will be "recruited".
    - Creating and testing different creatives on a site or e-shop.

  • Copywriting services:

    - Content for web - by products and by categories; writing articles and texts for company and promotional sites;
    - Blog articles;
    - Texts for email and MailChimp marketing, landing pages;
    - Slogans;
    - Report about your product, object, brand, campaign, service.

  • Consulting

    Design comprehensive questionnaires;

  • Campaign development

    commercial, advertising and marketing;

  • Creating quality content and unique texts for your campaigns and advertisements;

  • Determination of target users and precise targeting of advertisements;

  • Management of reputation and comments;

  • Personal response;

  • Report and performance analysis; surveys.

  • Content in blogs of companies, with diverse stylistics of the products.

  • With translations of technical, financial, and commercial texts. From Russian to Bulgarian and vice versa.

The areas I've worked with their many products and the applications I've re-searched:

  • Industry

    • Mechanical engineering; pneumatics; hydraulics;
    • Fasteners (screws, dowels, bolts, nuts);
    • Accumulators;
    • Biotechnologies;
    • Metalworking machines and structures;
    • Metals - black;
    • Luxury flooring (terracotta, faience, laminated and natural parquet);
    • Chemistry for pharmacy and perfumery;
    • Machines for food industy, catering, catering, with NASSAR system;
    • Protection, security and innovation - signal security equipment and systems.

  • Organizing participation in international fairs and exhibitions of industrial goods and applications.

  • Literature

  • Cinema

  • Toys

  • Ski sports

  • Tourism and travel. Appropriate equipment;

    You are welcome to promote your travel site on if you are an agency or guide.

  • Industry

  • Fairs and expos

  • Literature

  • Cinema

  • Toys

  • Ski sports

  • Tourism and travel. Appropriate equipment;